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Photo-illustrated explanation of all available Acuscope and Myopulse accessories
A wide variety of electrodes have been developed over the years in order to provide practitioners in every field with a vast number of possible applications.  Treatment procedures will vary according to individual approach.  Becoming familiar with these tools in your Acuscope-Myopulse Tool Box and utilizing a variety of approaches over a series of treatments, produces the best cumulative results.  

Electrolyte Solutions and Conductive Creams
Description of all basic Conductive Electrolyte Creams & Solutions
The interface between the metal alloy tips, plates, probes, and rollers must include a conductive medium - a solution or cream - for the current to conduct through the skin without resistance.  The manufacturer of the Acuscope has developed specially formulated electrolyte products for this purpose.  Using them, the instruments can clearly acquire biofeedback to "read" and analyze the condition of the cells, and deliver the precisely configured corrective influence into the tissue via microcurrent carrier waves.  

Acuscope-Myopulse List of Items for a Treatment Room
A complete list of items considered necessary when setting up a treatment room.

Setting up your Instrument Cart
Here is the recommended layout of Accessories and Supplies on the shelves of your roll cart and on top of the top stacked instrument in a Clinical Setting.  

Most Highly Recommended Resources for Acuscope-Myopulse BioTechnicians


Here, below, is a comprehensive list of items that are of practical value for any Acuscope-Myopulse Treatment Room.  As you will see, these are items that are NOT provided by the Acuscope manufacturer or Distributor with your equipment purchase.  They are recommended by your Trainer, Jan Rossen Dacri!

You will find  links to on-line sources for each item. 

It's a long page, so keep scrolling . . . all the way down.



A perfect place to set down the probes, solution cup, spatulas, solutions and creams being used during treatment. The Instand can be lifted and moved from place to place effortlessly. The height is easily adjusted. We suggest that you place a white hand towel on top of the non-slip surface.  Place conveniently next to your treatment table.
Also, if you are showing a DVD, a PowerPoint, or a website to a Patient, an Instand can be placed  for best viewing the screen.  (Lower tray is optional.  Good for placing cell phones.)

From Sally Beauty Supply Called "Facial Trolley."  It is easily moved around the room on casters.

Price of this Accessory Tray: $309.00 
                    CLICK HERE                           
H8 Facial Trolley


Foldaway Service Tray
Or, you may prefer the "Foldaway Service Tray"  on casters; also from Sally Beauty Supply -
on the SAME Website page - CLICK HERE -  Price of this Accessory Tray:  $79.00  



An absolute necessity to protect your Acuscope-Myopulse System.  A sudden power surge, spike, or other electrical abnormality may be harmful to the Charger, Battery, charging circuitry, and/or other components.  Better to be safe than sorry! 

Here are two we highly recommend:

Tripp Lite 8 Outlet Industrial Safety Surge Protector
Power Strip with 12 Ft Wrappable Cord (TLM812SA)

$ 33.60

APC P11VT3 3020 SurgeArrest 11 Outlet


THESE TWO CHOICES are practical because the Acuscope and Myopulse Charger Modules are bulky and these outlets are spaced far enough apart to accommodate the three Chargers of a Complete three instrument System.



Necessary!  To dip the Probe Tips when using Trigger Probe and Non-Trigger Probe or Y-Probe or Grand Ball Probe or Twin Tip Trigger Probe.  

Also used for mixing Solutions & Creams together to be scooped out with Plastic Scooper (see below).

Great source:

NEW!  This size is 3.25 oz. and allows for the placement of medium length Y-Probe Tips to both dip into Solution/Cream at the same time.



For scooping conductive cream out of the jar.  
No double-dipping . . . to avoid contamination!

Purchase in quantities of 25, 50, 100, 200, or 500.

This spatula is perfectly flat.  Other types have a small cup-like scooper which is impractical for our purposes.


Keep a small Water Spray Bottle filled with Distilled Water on your equipment cart.  The fine, light spray is used to re-wet solutions and creams on skin during treatment.
.Fantasea Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 2.5 Ounce

BRUSH for Applying Creams & Solutions - especially for the Face; feels smooth and soothing!

Grumbacher 1" Stroke
Goldenedge Watercolor Brush - Professional Grade

Item # GRU-4621-1

Retail Price:  $19.38

(We recommend that you have three brushes:
- one for applying Pre-Treatment Cream
- one for applying Conductive Treatment Creams/Solutions
- one for applying After-Treatment Cream)



Lightweight, white plastic corn cob holders are perfect for setting down your three brushes (above). Stack clean and ready-to-use.  During use, place on brush in each holder:  1) Pre-Treatment Cream; 2) Treatment Solutions & Creams; 3) After-Treatment Cream

Only $8.93 for a set of two.  Since you need three, be sure to get two sets!



Click Here for Probe & Electrode Maintenance Instructions (Note:  Window Wax is no longer available from The Vermont Country Store.)

Our Window Wax 

To purchase, go to:  Window Wax from Amazon

Alternative site that sells Window Wax:



These items from 3M are the best I've found . . . perfect sizes, not too sticky, easy to tear!

Medipore H Tape
Medipore H* Soft cloth tape that adheres well to the skin, yet is gentle to remove; it is "breathable" and water-resistant. 
*H = Hypoallergenic

Tears easily into pre-perforated pieces. 
  • One 2" X 4" piece is the perfect large size for securely taping on any of the three sizes of  Mini-Plates.

  • One 2" X 2" piece is a precise size for taping on the 1" X 1" Mini-Plates.

Click on these links below to order from Amazon:

$6.99 per roll:   4" X 10



A stretchy, sticky overwrap that adheres to itself, is ideal for keeping Mini-Plate Electrodes in place on an arm or leg.  

It is 4 inch wide and the roll is 5 yards long, fully stretched.  
Comes in a wide variety of attractive colors
(I prefer the Teal, Hunter Green, and Purple).



This 3-Tier Equipment Cart is perfect for the instruments & accessories of the Acuscope-Myopulse System (whichever model you are using).

The three shelves help keep all of your accessories and supplies neat, organized and available when moving from place to place.  Heavy duty rolling casters are stable; can hold up to 200 pounds of equipment.  Coiled cords can be draped over the arm.  

Dimensions:  25.5" Wide X 17.5" Deep X 37" High.  

Note:  The Acuscope 80L and the Myopulse 75L and Myo 75LN are the same length, depth and height:
    • 19" Wide  X  16" Deep  X  8" High
    • Net weight 22 lbs. per instrument

Here's another good cart, very inexpensive, nice color, and in stock for immediate delivery. 


KNEELING CHAIR great for back, upper back, & shoulder/neck treatments!

Available online from

Wood Accent Kneeling Ergonomic Chair

  • The firm but squishy memory foam feels wonderful to kneel and sit on.
  • Recommended for the person giving treatments, as well as the one receiving a treatment or shoulder massage. 
  • Casters make it convenient to move around. Nice looking wood. Very sturdy.
With soft, durable Memory Foam:  

Standard Kneeling Chair

Here is a less expensive version.  Works fine!




StrongLite Classic Deluxe Massage Table Package - Stronglite Classic Deluxe is a solid table with extras that dont cost more!
Look at this website for a great selection of very reasonably priced treatment tables.

Highly recommended that you use one that is wide and sturdy; adjustable height; with a face cradle for face down Acuscope and Myopulse Treatments.



To order three great items for your treatment room, CLICK ON THIS LINK:  

The Fleece Table Pad and Face Rest  
   add a layer of luxurious, coziness - keeping clients warm in the winter and cool in
   the summer. Make your Massage Table more comfortable. 

  A Round Bolster is the 2nd item, ideal for placing under the knees when lying
 the back.  

  100 high-quality Disposable Face Cradle  Covers are also included in this 3-Piece Set. These Face Cradle Covers are incredibly soft, silky smooth and comfortable, made from  non-woven medical grade material that is sanitary and hypo-allergenic. Won't create lines on the face. 

For Acuscope or Neuroscope Relaxation Sessions, place a Disposable Headrest Cover over a Neck Pillow (behind the head) for cleanliness as well as to catch any drips of solution.

When lying face down on a treatment table  face cradle, the Headrest Covers are silky soft on top of a Neck Pillow (right).
                                                                      For use this way, place a firm pillow under the chest!



The Body Pillow is perfect for patient comfort when treatment requires side-lying.  With the bottom leg extended straight, the top leg, knee bent on the pillow, and the top arm hugging the pillow, your patient will be comfortable as long as you need for a prolonged back and/or side treatment.

SOFTEZE Body Pillow
This one comes from a quality medical supplies on-line store.


This one is inexpensive; their website comments are very positive:

"This pillow is great!  I was hesitant at first because the price is so cheap, I was worried that its quality would be cheap too.  BUT IT'S NOT!!  It is very squishy and comfy and not too firm.  If you're looking for a firm pillow, this isn't it; but if you're looking for a looooong basic pillow, this is it!"

It is highly recommended that you have a collection of pillows in a variety of sizes.  One or more might be used are used under the head when lying on the back, one under the knees when lying on the back, under the feet when lying face down, or on the lap when sitting with hand electrodes being used. 

Here is a website with all types and sizes of pillows, as well as pillow cases:



Step Stool
This one has a non-slip rubberized platform and reinforced rubber tips on the feet. 
Order online from:

Be sure you have one or more Foot Stools in your treatment room.
  • It is good to provide a step up for the patient getting onto a treatment table.  Be sure to put a towel on the surface if your patient is barefoot.

  • When you are standing and giving a treatment, it is important to place one foot up, then switch sides now and then, to save your own back!

  • Also, you can sit on a stool this height if you are treating the lower extremities of a patient seated in a chair with feet on the Large Plates on the floor.



Keep your wash cloths hot, wet, ready to use to wipe off solution and cream.  A Crock Pot works great for this purpose.  Be sure to have some water in the bottom, don't let it get dry while still on.  Use a tongs to safely lift out the steaming hot cloths.  Be sure to plug it in far enough away from the Acuscope and Myopulse so it doesn't interfere by radiating wall-current EMF.

This is a great, inexpensive one that comes from Target.



This could be an even better solution for keeping your wet washcloths warm and ready to use for wiping off the electrolyte creams and solutions after treatment. 

You'll find it on-line here:  mini-hot-towel-cabi

Highly recommended by some of our best Acuscope-Myopullse practitioners.


After using hot, wet wash cloths to clean the Conductive Solutions and Creams off the skin, hang the wash cloths to dry before placing in laundry basket.  (This prevents odor and mildew!)

To Purchase from AMAZON - CLICK HERE

(Under $20.00)


Adjustable, breathable fabric, lightweight. 

To Purchase from AMAZON - CLICK HERE




Product Details
   Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel

   4 Pack, Pink, Purple, Blue, Aqua


   To Purchase from AMAZON - CLICK HERE



Just in case you are just getting started as an Acuscope-Myopulse Biotechnician,
wearing scrubs is professional, comfortable and convenient.

Look at all the great choices from a few of the following online suppliers:

Cherokee Safari Square Neck Scrub Top

* Cutest styles


COMFORT SHOES - great styles, comfortable to wear while giving treatments:


Highly Recommended Healthy Lifestyle Products:

NADA CHAIR for Back Support

This one is a useful item for your practice and also to recommend to patients for their own use at home, in school, at work . . . or to take to a ball game!

If you must give an Acuscope and/or Myopulse treatment while they are sitting up, without back support behind them, have your patient put this on . . . unless you are treating their knees, of course!
 Nada Chair Back Support –   



Self-paced, self-regulated safe cardio using a "mini-trampoline" - but NOT for jumping! 

Simply step, march, lift one foot at a time, or rock from side-to-side on the rubberized surface.  No jarring impact on the spine, joints, or organs.  Safely improves Lymphatic Circulation.  

Holding onto the "Stabilizing Bar" is secure and safe even for those still in pain or not yet finished recovering after an accident or surgery.  

Fun with your favorite music!

The best one available by far is the Needak Rebounder.  
Its sturdy construction and top grade materials will last for ages.

The Folding model can be easily folded in half for taking with you (after the bar is removed, of course).  Comes with a convenient carrying case.
Specifically, this one:  
Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder w/ Stabilizing Bar
(Also available in a lovely blue color!)



These are the perfect indoor exercise shoes.  I call them "Flexible Breathers" because of the featherweight, porous material; and they bend completely in the middle! 

Ideal for use on the Rebounder, and for stretching using a non-slip mat.  The straight cut toe
provides a visual line for alignment of the feet; the completely flexible mid-section allows for lifting, holding under the arch, stretching.  Not for outdoor use.




Non-Slip Floor Mats are available everywhere today.  Just in case you can't find the right one locally, here are some online sources with good products.

 Extra Thick Yoga & Pilates Mat  
This brand offers a wide variety of mats with varying designs, thickness, size, etc.  

Premium Sapphire Feather Yoga Mat (5mm)


For those who are interested in natural, organic, cruelty-free products for the skin, we highly recommend the product lines of these two websites:

Mega Menu Spotlight: Fruit Pigmented MakeupFor face and body skin care and purely natural make-up go to:

For facial skin care products go to:


Heritage Store Aura Glow Oil, Almond - 8 fl oz

In the opinion of many people who care about "pure and natural" this is the best Body Oil available.

It comes in Lavender, Rose, and Almond Scent.  All three are delicious aromas and the oil is exquisite - not expensive.  For massage and personal skin self-application.



The Ph of your Saliva
 can reveal whether you are alkaline or acidic.  Eating certain foods, and food combinations, can lead to stomach upset, gas, and dangerous, uncomfortable acidity.   

A healthy level of alkalinity should be maintained.  These little, convenient dispensers of saliva testing paper will provide the opportunity to test yourself (or your patients) anytime, anywhere:

(Note:  if the Gain on the Acuscope  must be exceedingly high for the initial "Foot Gates" reading, be sure to test for acidity.  You may be saving a life!)

For additional resources to assist your patients in achieving a state of healthy vitality, suggest that they visit



Discover your sense of smell!  The therapeutic benefits of breathing the sweet, pungent aroma blends of natural herbs, spices, and oils cannot be overestimated.  When sprayed into the air you inhale through the nose, the benefits enter your system in a most refreshing and stimulating way.  It is both delicious for the Olfactory (smell) Sense as well as helpful to the Endocrine System.  

These blends help the body to attain "Whole Body Positive Health" according to Dr. Debrah Zepf, one of our most beloved Practitioners, who did her PhD Thesis on this subject. Through her clinical research, she found that using aromatic medicine blends can lower cholesterol and improve general health!  She has developed a product line that is pure and natural.  A different blend for each of the Energy Centers (glands) of the Human Body.  You can easily incorporate the use of Aroma Therapy into your Healthcare Practice in combination with Acuscope-Myopulse Treatments.  And enjoy using Aroma Therapy in your personal life as well.  Be sure to recommend this line of products to others.  

Available as Essential Oil Blend and/or Spray Bottle "Spritzers" 
PLEASE NOTE:  Dr. Zepf is available for instruction.

Click on this link to order:  Essential Oils: Chakra Blends & Mist Spritzers 

Or call Dr. Zepf's office directly to order:  303-249-742 



It is a great concept to have live plants producing oxygen for you and your Patients/Clients to breathe in an enclosed indoor space like your treatment room.  If natural sunlight is minimal or even non-existent in your room(s), you can still have live plants growing, cleansing and delivering fresh air into the environment we all must breathe!  Add Full Spectrum Lighting and you can have as many plants  as you wish . . . 

This (photo left) is the Philodendron Brasil.  
My favorite plant!   Heart-shaped leaves;
each uniquely patterned leaf emerges in 
three colors of green.

Other great indoor plants are Pothos, ZeeZee (Zamofolia), 
Scheffelera, Lucky Bamboo, and Pachira ("Good Fortune") Plants.
For a photo-illustrated look at

THE VERY BEST liquid indoor Plant Food available is Eleanor's VF-11!

I've tried them ALL over the years, and this one truly makes plants thrive!
Use one capful in a pitcher of water each time your plants are thirsty. 

CLICK HERE to find this product on Amazon.


FULL SPECTRUM LIGHTING - to provide light indoors that mimics sunshine!

CLICK HERE for a standing Floor Lamp which provides  enough Full Spectrum Lighting for a large group of plants to thrive in your treatment room (or any room in your home and/or office).  

Ott-Lite is the originator of this concept and has the best products on the market for natural, indoor daylight.  

Read the fascinating story of how Full Spectrum Lighting originated when Dr. Ott was working for Walt Disney.

Here is a link to the Full Spectrum Light Bulbs you can use for this purpose, available on Amazon:

OttLite ED25-V-FFP 25W Edison-Based Swirl Bulb

Install Track Lighting so that the light shines from about 5 feet away from the leaves.

Shine a single Full Spectrum Bulb on a group of three plants during daylight hours and they will thrive, even without any direct sunlight from a window.

for this inexpensive Lamp.

Or this attractive white Lamp with a wooden base allows for adjustment of the light to any angle.



Holding  quartz and other crystals in your hands feels good.  

These clear quartz heart-shaped crystals fit perfectly into the contour of the palm, while the fingers wrap comfortably around the smooth rounded shape.  Hand to patients to hold during treatment, especially during relaxation procedure.  

Here is a collection of crystals and earth stones that may be held in various combinations.  For example, while holding a heart-shaped clear quartz in the right hand, hold one of the other types of crystal in the left.  Or, hold only the smoky quartz ball (upper left) in both hands; or the fluorite ball (to the right) in combination with the fluorite frog.  

A pendulum can steady the mind, swinging right and left or back and forth while holding another crystal in the other hand.  Breathe in long slow, deep exhalations and inhalations to help circulate oxygen and energy.  It is thought that crystals are made of trapped frequencies, hence their color.  

Shown below are a set that correspond to the "Chakras" (glands of the Endocrine System; energy centers of the body and head).  From left to right (base to crown):

Red Jasper - Carnelian - Citrine - Rose Quartz - Lapis - Sodalite - Amethyst
                                                      Green Quartz

To purchase a set of the above heart-shaped crystals, call Jewelry & Mineral of Las Vegas 702.733.7166 and ask for Mike.  Let him know that you are an Acuscope Practitioner and he will know what you want.  He is a wealth of information as a resource; and a very special person.  The huge store in Las Vegas is definitely worth visiting if/when you are in town.  It is on Sahara, just north of The Strip.  

They will accept credit card payment over the phone and will safely pack and ship your crystals anywhere.  These make great gifts for anyone "to have and to hold!"

Plants and crystals . . . a good combination.  See Smoky Quartz sphere in the photo (right) with Zamofolia and Philodendron Brasil also Kukui Nut Necklace from Hawaii.



If you are a Physical Therapist, or have a practice where Physical Therapy is done on site, here is an amazing piece of equipment to incorporate into your exercise program for those who are in a wheel chair.
The Wheel Chair goes right onto the platform!        
It is called the Physical Movement Therapy Device
Go to:    Watch the videos.
Feel free to call Brian Melandine, Owner, with questions:  858.864.0368 

Check back . . . more to come . . .